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Ensemble Coaching

         In order to support concert preparation and the continued long-term growth of our music programs, we often find that ensemble coaching provides an invaluable resource of focused instruction for smaller groups of musicians within our bands and orchestras.  Dividing the ensemble into smaller groups for coaching sessions creates space for a more detailed approach in addressing instrument-specific challenges.  Working together in small ensembles not only results in improvement for individuals, but also generates greater unity and teamwork within the section,  inevitably spreading positive change throughout the entire ensemble.

         In addition to the logistics of preparing a concert, ensemble coaching can also support a creative way to generate additional funds for our music programs.  The established approach of selling goods and services is an undoubtedly effective way for programs to raise money.  Public chamber music concerts presented as fundraisers however, not only generate revenue, but also give musicians extra performance opportunities and provide additional community exposure for programs, thereby reaching potential new donors.  

         If you are interested in discussing how I can help your program as an ensemble coach, either through conducting sectionals or providing preparation and logistical assistance for chamber performances, please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to help with all stages of preparation and planning, including music selection, rehearsals, and concert site selection and logistical solutions.

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