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Private Lessons

        In the midst of preparing for concerts and recitals, our deeply valued band and orchestra directors face the enormous task of reaching each individual musician and providing him or her with the specific individual instruction that can greatly ease and facilitate the student’s goal of gaining fluency on his or her instrument. Private lessons provide invaluable one-on-one guidance for solving specific challenges in a student's ensemble music and open up opportunities to follow a student’s musical inspiration and explore new and exciting styles and pieces of music.  Audition preparation for honors  and extracurricular ensembles also clearly benefits from private lessons, however the growth from private music lessons extends far beyond the stage.  

        As a private lesson instructor, my goals are to help my students find and explore their artistic voice, create a set of qualitative standards for themselves, and to learn the problem solving skills needed to work through any roadblocks that they may meet along their path.  The discipline and perseverance gained in the practice of a musical instrument has a tremendously positive and proven carry-over into other pursuits and challenges.  As someone who completed the list of pre-med course requirements and a music performance degree simultaneously while in college, I speak from experience that the time spent in the practice room  thoroughly strengthens the ability to study and succeed in a variety of academic avenues.   

        If you have any questions about what a private lesson entails, the logistics of scheduling, or cost, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I am also more than happy to answer any questions about my teaching approach and philosophy.  All ages and levels of ability are welcome and invited.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of the materials in the Practice Resources section of the website and happy music making!

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